Useful Links

Links for the information hungry!

Brandi Tobias Blog

Local San Diego Champion reflections and thoughts about topics in WCS

Skippy Blair's Blog

Credited with the naming of WCS, Skippy Blair is still teaching and writing blogs to this day!

Pattie Wells

Pattie used to own Pattie Wells' DanceTime Center (currently called the Movement). After selling her studio, Pattie spends her time writing and traveling.

Naked Basics

Eric Jacobson is an All Star dancer in San Francisco who runs Mission City Swing. He blogs about different topics in dance.

Brad Whelan Photography

Brad is a talented photographer, dancer and MC. His photos are used by many as profile pics

Tessa and Myles Monroe

Tessa and Myles Monroe are Champion dancers from Vancouver, Canada. They often write blog posts on many different topics in WCS

Liza May's Blog

Liza May is a photographer who also writes about events

Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay

Hugo and Stacy are Champion dancers from Florida. Their website have many useful WCS tips, workouts and music playlists


Sonya is a West Coast Swing Professional traveling all around the world. Her website has a lot of useful solo drills.

 Video Playlists

 Event Streaming

Sonny Watson's Street Swing

History of WCS article

Ithaca Swing Dance

History of WCS article

Atomic Ballroom

History of WCS article

Sway'd Shoes

Popular WCS Footwear (Boots, Mens Shoes, Sandals)

Carmens Dance Shoes

LOCAL San Diego Store with all types of shoes for dancing (Note: does not have Sway'd boots)

Westie Wear

Fashion for WCS Dancers


App developed by a group of dancers that track points

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WestiePro (Beta)

Allows users to watch their videos like a pro

Iphone Download


The official mobile application of the World Swing Dance Council!

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