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Whether you are looking to bring your dance to the next level or to learn the fundamentals, San Diego has a robust and large selection of talented instructors and classes. Click on their images below for more information or scroll to the bottom to view current classes and join in on a group class.

San Diego WCS Instructors

Other Instructors: Brandi Guild, Mark Pablo


Jade Bryan
Beg – 6:30pm
Int – 7:30pm


Laureen Baldovi
12pm – Intro/Beg
1pm – Basics Plus

Brandi Guild
6:30pm – WCS Basics
7:30pm – Not-so-Basic W

Chris Chung & Rachel Rivera
7:00pm – Fundamentals 
8:00pm – Intermediate 
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Brunno Cezar Theodoro and Paula Cavalcanti are Dance Instructors and Choreographers for over 10 years, from Brazil, with experience in Brazilian Latin Dances and West Coast Swing. They mostly work with Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing.

In 2011 Brunno & Paula started their training in West Coast Swing with renowned instructors. In 2014 they completed their teaching certification for West Coast Swing, with the GPDIA (Global Professional Dance Instructors Association) by Michael Kiehm. They live in San Diego since then, and they brought their experience to build the Brazilian Zouk community and support the West Coast Swing community with a high-quality instruction.

Emphasizing the importance of fundamental technique and social dance ability to create well rounded dancers with theirs unique style of elegant Brazilian/Latin dances as well as infusing the flavor of Brazilian Zouk into West Coast Swing. 

Available for privates and group classes.



Chris has been dancing West Coast Swing for the past 10 years. Within this time, Chris has successfully developed a community in Maui and currently teaches and DJs in San Diego and the Socal area. Prior to West Coast Swing, Chris came from a breakdancing background, which influenced his teaching style, from body movement, functionality, and most of all, the music. Chris is known for his musicality, smooth connection, and having fun wherever he goes. He loves sharing “light bulb” moments and working with students who want to grow. 

Rachel’s Bio Coming Soon!

Call or Text: (760) 445-1645 (Rachel)

Available for group workshops, private lessons, and Dj’ing social nights. Currently teaching group classes.



Jade started dancing at 3 training in jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop. At 17 she was introduced to partnership dancing and started training at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. After 3 years she started competing in American Smooth and Rhythm as well as West Coast Swing. Now Jade is an Independent Instructor that teaches all over San Diego county as well as across the United States. Currently she competes in the All-star division for West Coast Swing and won the Top Follow in the NASDE circuit for 2017. She also competes Pro- Am for West Coast Swing, American Smooth and American Rhythm. When Jade is not traveling she is helping the local dance scene teaching private lessons, group classes and deejaying at local events. 

Teaches at Dance for 2

Available for privates. Currently teaches group classes locally.
Call or Text: (858) 525-1225 



Tony Schubert fell in love with dance in college. He competed on the ASU ballroom team for 4 years and returned after graduation to help coach. He started west coast swing shortly after and hasn’t looked back since. Tony is competing at an all star champion level and is passionate about teaching and building his partnership with Larisa. 

Larisa Tingle has been in love with music her whole life, from violinist to vocalist and finally to dancer. She is now competing at a champion level and excited to share her dancing dream with her partner Tony. In addition to competing and teaching, Larisa started djing at local dances in Southern California but got known quickly for her groovy late night “Tingle Time” sets, becoming one of the sought after Dj’s on the convention circuit around the country. 

Available for privates, group classes, workshops individually and as a pair. Currently teaches group classes locally.
Call or Text: (602) 423-0912 (Tony), (805) 550-6196 (Larisa)



Bio Coming Soon!



Samantha started dancing when she was 5 years old. She began with ballet and tap, moving to jazz and ballroom once she started college. When introduced to West Coast Swing she was able to connect it with her past dances while incorporating her musical knowledge to develop her unique musicality. She finds West Coast Swing to be a fun, stress relieving outlet, that allows her to express herself creatively as an art. 

Mike started dancing in 2009 at a country venue in San Diego. It was here that he was introduced to the concept of movement to music. As an athlete and lifelong musician, dance captured his attention as it was a culmination of two things that he loved. After exploring various dances, West Coast Swing captured his heart for it’s ability to create and adapt to various styles of music. He finds joy and a freedom of expression embedded within the technique and personal style of West Coast Swing. He also DJ’s all across San Diego and the US. 

When teaching, they focus on fundamentals of human body mechanics while teaching concepts that can be recreated on the social dance floor. They enjoy seeing their student excel in quality partnering; both with their partner and with the music. 

Available for privates and group classes.
Call or Text: (619) 610-8548


Please Note

Due to the recent recommendations by the local and national government surrounding COVID-19. All Dances in San Diego has been cancelled until further notice. Many instructors are offering online options to work on your dancing that will be shared on our facebook page. Stay Safe everyone!!